What is CrowitisTM ??

This is the CROWITIS
TM definition from Lew, everywhere known as CROW !

Okay heres the deal. Straight from the Crowman. If you look closely at my bike, you will see that i probably have less chrome or add ons than most of these guys on the forum. People are always putting a simple definition on the "Crowitis". It is not just a "I want more chrome and stuff" syndrome. It is much deeper and more complicated than that. It is hard to explain it. It starts when you are looking at all the different bikes on this forum. You look at all the different configurations, and have a hard time deciding on the look you are goin for. Then when you start lookin around, ordering catelogs, filling up yer "favorites" folder with urls, tryin hopelessly to prioritize them in some kind of orderr, soerting by name, or category, that will seperate them from another part or use. Then you realize that the parrt or parts that you are interested in, may or not be the easiest to put on, and there is another option that may work better, without giving up some characteristic of the bike, such as comfort level, speed, easy accessability to another bolt or screw etc. You spend hours looking, searching, asking questions, deciding and changing yer mind. IT slowly starts to grind away at your stability, ability to think clearly, and finally your well being of yer bank acount, marriage, and yer retirement fund. Someone said once that the LC does not have enuff options to choose from when it comes to aftermarket stuff! HAHA! That's funny as hell. There are thousands of different parts out there. Some may not be made just for the LC, but some idiot on the forum has manipulated them, reconfigured them, or cut it in half, so it will work oj these bikes. And even worse, It may look better than what you had already decided you wanted. Now what? Do you just settle for yer first choice, or wait and make sure their idea works, and won't cost too much, then go for that option? ORRRR, do you do what i did, and order both? Heck you can always sell the one you don't want after you get them try them on, then make the decision, oorrrrr, you can keep them both, like i did, and use one for long trips, and one for stylin around town. Then another thing that starts to happen, is that you finally decide on the part of yer choice, order it, then learn that it is on ........ (((((((((BACKORDER)))))))))) HAHA! now what, you you sit calmly and wait that "two weeks" that can easily turn into 6 months? Or do you cancel the order, and order another brand, that you can get right now!! Then you start thinkin about the wife and kids, hell they gotta eat, the car has to be paid fer, the kids had wanted to go to college, you gotta live with the wife, so ya don't want her pissed. So what ya do is take a breath, then you tell yourself, I will buy this little piece of chrome now, and put off buying the new bags, the lightbar, the tank pouch. So there you sit, casually looking thru the Dennis Kirk Catelog, the JP Cycles catelog, JC Whitney etc. Thinkin about all these options. This can go on for a few weeks or months, then all of a sudden you've had it, you say to heck with it, I'm gonna order two or three things, you call up the vendor, start rattlin off part numbers, then while you are on the phone, you say, well, i'd just as well better order that other thing while I'm on the phone. And then ya say what the hell? i'm gonna get it all right now, cause i can't stand it, shoot we can mortgage the house, sell the dogs, give away the kids, and the boss had mentioned that i might get a raise next year, besides, i will save a lot of money ridin the bike to work, Shit! I need a better helmet and some Leathers to ride to work!!! Add them to the order!!
Quick, my wifes comin!! Thennnn the trouble starts, the desease travels thru the phone lines, creeps into the person you are on hold with, and somehow they order the wrong part #, of course you don't find this out till you get the stuff three months later! Then ya gotta call'em back, talk to the answering machine, and tell it to please send the right part, and at no extra charge, then they tell you the right part is on Backorder!!! Holy shit! Credit my credit card account for that stuff will ya! YEs sir that will take 7 to 30 days than we will fix ya right up!...Oh woe is me! I need new paint don't i Thunders bike is lookin real good, but of Course Pookies color might work better with my Blue helmet, course i could sell the helmet........

AARRGGHHHHH IT never ends my friend!! It Never Ends!! You are never thru!! NEVER!

This note is long, start out reading slowly, then as you read, start pickin up the pace, by the time you get to the end, raise the tone of your voice and start hollerin I'm almost DONE!!! Almost!!.....that's what Crowitis
all all about.