In regards to all the information gathered, and linked to from the start page. I wonít post the links, there are too many.
This forum started way back in 98. No one knew anything about the VL500, it was brand new. No one made aftermarket parts for them, no mechanic had (many still havenít) worked on them. So this forum brought together some very nice folks. It was a wonderful Experiment. Thank you Thor.
Through the years, there were some very resourceful people that through experimentation, and knowledge of bikes in general started to post information and ideas. It began.

After all these years, we have gathered so much information it is impossible to keep it all together. And since everything evolves, the information and ideas continue to evolve, and change.
So where is all the info? Well itís spread out some. Mocc started it all with his site, then Jeff built a site with all kinds of information and tutorials he made, including the absolutely free to us online Service Manual. How cool is that? Then Wes buit his site, which coverd areas like the tranny fix that older bikes were prone to having problems with, and a power loss fix casued by an anemic snap connector on the starter relay. Along come Mamba, and because we asked him, started The FAQís, so we could have another place to look for information. When new members come in, we have a ton of information to point them to. Fritz built Crowitis.com and started collecting everything he could, even pictures of forum members. A members database, videos, you name it, itís probably there, and he calls it the ďHelp FilesĒ, Bless him for all that work. Is it up to him to decide if the info is the only info that should be up there? No, that is just too much responsibility for one person to take. He just tried to make the info accessible.
Where did those help files come from? Members! Members sharing thoughts and ideas, and ways to do things. There wasnít much technical data, it was more like how do I change a tire, how do I install the Harley ignitions switch? The list is long. Very long. And it constantly grows. Lots of work to keep up with it. Thank him for it.
Still new members come in and ignore the start page and all the links that you can click on from there. We get tired of answering the same ol questions. Which riser, which tire, what is that ticking sound? et etc etcÖ
SO, we the members say check out the start page, itís on the start page. Well actually it isnít on the start page, but if start clicking you will whisked away in several directions to sites where people hold information, free to us users. Not free to them, Everyone that hosts those info pages pays for a web hosting fee. Itís not cheap, itís not easy, but from the goodness of their hearts they keep it out there, and they do the work. Just for us.. Awesome huh? Thank them all, they deserve an applause.
The moderators really have nothing to do with this stuff. The info is a collection of thoughts, ideas, and fixes members have found, and info they want to share. For you/me. Take it, or donít if you donít want it.
What tire is best? Well you wonít find that out there, nor what kind of oil is best. Not there. What you will find are options. Itís up to you to decide whatís best for you. I would say there is very little info out there that is not helpful. Itís all good information. But that doesnít mean things arenít evolving constantly. Things change. Different people come in with new ideas, and as they do that info is posted here, then if deemed worthy by us members, added to the help files that Fritz hosts. Now who makes that decision? Whether or not the info is helpful? Well no one really. Itís just a consensus of what the members say here on the forum. Fritz has the keys to his website, no one else. None of the moderators have a key.
So, who is responsible if information doesnít jibe with what you think is the right thing to do?? Fritz? No, I would say itís the members. Thatís where it comes back around to us. We have different ideas, different conclusions, and NO ONE IS THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY TO BE RIGHT, or above being challenged.
Again thatís where the members come in. The members are responsible for their own bikes, no one else. And if someone says ďthis is rightĒ, members are welcome to say, wait a minute I disagree. Then supposedly civil conversation ensues and we work it out. Many times agreeing to disagree. The members are responsible for keeping it civil, and deciding to get involved or not. And they are responsible for making their own decisions on it.
Itís not up to the Forum Host, or the Moderators to say what information is correct. That information is nothing but experiences, and ideas from members. And it is open for discussion here on the forum.
FYI, the moderators do not get together and vote on this stuff. Primarily the moderators are here to help with the forum activity, to help keep things civil, and try to make sure everyone follows the forum guidelines. Those ďrulesĒ are there for a reason. Without them there would be total chaos in here. We didnít use to have to write them down. There werenít as many members and we all knew each other. And we wanted to help each other. We wanted to get to know each other. Support each other. And exchange ideas and fixes, etc.. But the forum has evolved. There are always new members. Every day there is a new member, many lurking without posting. Reading and watching what goes on. We set the examples. I that way we control what they see, and how they feel, by our actions and how we treat each other.
So who is right? What info in the help files is right? Well thatís up to us to decide for ourselves. Take responsibility for yourselves. You canít blame someone who posts info that you donít agree with. But you can disagree. And usually we do that a lot..lol
So, the disclaimer is right here:

We the Moderators, and the Forum hosts, and the helpful people that keep information so it accessible to us do not have the final say so on what you the members want, and believe, or should do to your bikes. That my friends, is up to each one of you. We are not responsible for what you decide is relevant to your situation. Only you can make that decision. If you disagree with some of it, feel free to speak up, feel free and be ready to be challenged by others with differing opinions. Keep it civil, donít make it personal. Everyone is here to help.

Thank you everyone who helps guide this beloved forum.