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Other Resouces
Mamba's FAQ page
Copy of WES's site


Online LC Service Manual (Thanks to Jeff Vandamme)
LC service manual Dowloadable zip file
LC owners manual (pdf files)
LC parts manual (single PDF files)
LC parts manual (one PDF file)
C90 service manual
C90 parts manual (single PDF files)
C90 parts manual (one PDF file)
Carbruator & Fuel Injection
Carb Fact Sheet (by Larry  aka  Half_Crazy)
Adjusting Carbs for Rejetting - DOC file - 1.2mb
Adjusting Carbs for Rejetting - PDF file - 2.7mb
TPS adjustment
Boulevard C90 - Stage 3 Installation  -  GMan Industries (PDF file)
Boulevard C90 - Stage 3 Installation  -  Techlusion
Disable the o2 sensor (by OzKruz)
                                                               VL1500 Charging System Wiring Upgrades.pdf ( This is the Wiring MOD3 for dummies by Ron)
LC Wiring Diagram '99-2000  (PDF file) (by DrJones)
C90 Wiring Digram (PDF file)  courtesy of Forum member "Cruiser_C90"
Why isn't there enough power to start my bike (by DrJones)
Fault Finding Flow Chart for Bike Charging Systems (PDF file)
Charging Mods...and How Current Flows Through The System 
Understanding the R-R Test (by DrJones)
Understanding Mod-3 on a C90 Using Wiring Diagrams (By Drjones) PDF file
How To Add An Aux Fuse Box To A C90+With Mod-3 (Updated).pdf (DrJones)
ECM (ignitor) voltage test results
Motorcycle Audio Primer (PDF file) by TubeAmpTech
Invoking the diagnostic codes on your C90
Installation of Things Electrical
Stebel Horn install guide (by Leon) (DOC file)
Installing a tachometer
HD switch install
HD Switch - DOC file - 6mb
Buzzer to remind you switching off the ignition
602 bracket for left side mounting (by Chuck - csitt)
Auxiliary Fuse Box by Tenn_Martin (PDF file)
C90 Fuel Sending Unit Repair
Replace the Console lights with LEDs (PDF file)
Light Trigger From Oil Pressure
Multi-Light Triggering
Instrument Lighting Replacement
C90 Low Fuel LED - only works on C90 not LC
Changing the oil & filter
Removal & Installation of both wheels on the LC
Removing the rear tire (pictures included by Leigh)
Removing the rear tire (Wes' tutorial, pictures included)
Suzuki Intruder CL1500LC Brake Pad Rep;acment
Dragon's Inruder LC Rear Brake Pad Replacement Photo Squence Page
Replacing front and rear brakes on the C90 ( W7WXlarry) PDF file 3mb
Fork Fluid change (PDF file)  (by Ron - Cobrastk_lc)
Steering Head Bearings Replacement (by Greg - Airborne Text Only)
Steering Stem Plug
Lubing the Shifter
Fixing the 4th gear problem - PDF file
Replacing the Clutch - Low Quality - 34mb
Replacing the Clutch - High Quality - 123mb 
Replacement Bolt List
Mods & Misc
Installing Road King Custom Hard Leather Bags (PDF file)  (by BigDawg)
How to install the Volusia rear fender rail to the LC
Drilling Handle Bars to Run Control Switch Wire Internally - 43kb
Pro One Riser Combo and Fairing Mod (by Mark - MSMC90T)
Steering Lock Cover Replacement
Vista Cruise installed with Iso Grips (by Waterrat68)
Pair Valve Storage Mod (by BayIntruder)
Broken Fuel Door Lock  -  Magnet Solution (by Peter - Menalteed)
Make your own Lazy-Rider-Backrest/Carrier
Various Bolt Sizes for the LC
Bolt Sizes for the LC
Trip Checklist for overnight travel - provided by Joe - DOC file
Why newer HK Hardkromes sound much louder than older ones
Adding a Signature File to your Delphi Profile
Resizing A Picture for your signature picture