Factory Part Numbers

The following  is the Suzuki factory Micro-Fiche film blown up and scanned in.  This film covers the 98(W) and 99(X) models.  For the most part, I believe the part numbers are the same for the 2000, 2001 models with a couple of exceptions.

In the remarks section, if  there is a designation of W or X,      W=1998 and X=1999

Please keep in mind that these images are derived from micro-film.  They were scanned and printed to get them off the film and then scanned once more to get them in to the computer.  I have inverted the images from black on white to white on black so that they are easier on the eyes to read.  If you have a problem reading a part number, please email me here and let me know what page number you're having trouble with (example: page b1, c4, etc.) and I will touch up the numbers with a graphics program.  Page numbers are located in the lower right hand corner of each page.

The Index is broken in to separate pages so it will load fairly quickly.  Each full-size image is also on it's own page to speed things up.  Please keep in mind that the images are fairly large to show the part numbers.