Tips for new LC owners ! (copyright by Thunder)

There is one major problem with these bikes, and one option that should come as OEM --- a pre-paid credit card; youíre gonna need it!!  CROWITISTM is the deadliest affliction on the planet.  It leads to sweaty palms, twitchy eyes, constant web surfing and a divorce if you're not blessed with an understanding, or equally afflicted wife!  If you are not attached, your bank will also begin to be affected, but they like it.

Here are some tips to help make the ďLC ExperienceĒ even more enjoyable . . .
*  Always park your bike in 1st gear.  It works like a parking brake and will stop your bike from rolling off the side stand.
*  Never use anything other than the ignition key when you are riding.  It CAN, and usually does get ugly on your side cover.
*  Never trust your local dealerís wrench.  Collectively, we know more than the Suzuki engineers do about this bike --- itís all thanks to the good folks right here.
*  Never buy anything from anyone for your bike before you check here first.  Collectively, we have purchased everything available for the "LC" from every vendor out there.  Some dealers are good; some you need to avoid like AIDS.
*  Get familiar with Mocc's site, ( ).  It contains just about anything you ever wanted to know about the "LC", to become a DIYíer.
*  Get to know Bob, ( ).  He can get you ANYTHING you want from just about any supplier, and do it at a discount.
*  Looking for suppliers?  Try here:
*  Any questions?  Check Mambaís site at; Chances are someone else has asked the same question and the answer will be there.  If it isnít there, (he is still building the data base), just ask --- all advice is free for the asking.
*  Check out for more info and stuff.
*  When you decide to re-jet, you can get the correct jet kits for our bikes from GMan at  Donít try any aftermarket kits because they will ruin the carbs and cost you $$$ to replace them.
*  For carb tuning and set-ups, contact GMan at  He will set them up right, the first time, (via mail), and have you getting the most out of the big girl.
*  For C90 tuning and set-ups, contact GMan at  He has everything you need for you getting the most out of the big girl.
*  Contact Crow and order a forum patch or two.  Youíll love the design he came-up with.  The most vibrant patches Iíve seen.
Post often and get some pics.  There are easy to follow steps for posting a sig pic, but if you're like me, you need help in doing it.  Most important, don't insult Crow aboiut his speelling and don't laugh at me for me "forehead" typing, eh? . . . . Have fun!