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The Great Chameleon Cruiser
The Dual Personality LC 1500 Intruder (Pictorial)
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Mocc's Pair Valve (Secondary Air System) Removal Kit
 and Instructions for the LC 1500 Intruder, 800 Marauder
and now the C90 / C50 & M50 Boulevards!! (C90 up to 2012 / C50 to current models)

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Windshield Height Adapter for the LC Add 21" and 22.5" settings to your OEM 19" LC Shield.
Build it yourself or buy it from GManIndustries!

Auxiliary Fuel Tank for the C90 & LC Serious about fuel range? "GMan's got you covered with the fantastic GTank!
Need Carb Work? From rejetting to rebuilding or repairing, GManIndustries has your carbs covered!
HiFlow Pingel Fuel Filter Kit for the LC A high quality replacement for OEM and a must for high performance from GManIndustries!
Lowering Links for the Volusia and C50 Boulevard  John Allchin's kits and forward controls plus LC goodies.
Ride Like a Pro Video!! Motorman's At-Home Training course that will have you board dragging in no time!

View a clip of the above Video (approx 5mb download "rlapclip.mpg")


Service without fear

'98 / '99 Factory Service Manual Online

Download the Service Manual in PDF Format!

Micro-Fiche Online for the LC1500..

Brake Primer Living Harmoniously with the Infamous Intruder Braking System- Tips and Tools
(Reverse) Brake Bleeding Do it right the first time, like the Pros do!!
Decomps for Dummies Easy guide to tuning the decompression system.
Electrical "Tune Up" for your LC Three Easy steps to preventing a "no riding" day
False Neutral Fix Wess's guide to parts and technique for shifting ratchet repair..
Fuel Filter Replacement Easy way to replace the filter without removing the fender!
First Service Understanding the 600 mile service.
Grip Removal Made Easy Easy way to save those perfect grips!
 Handlebar End Weight Removal  Loose weight without the hassle!!
Going Nuts? Tips for saving those ever loosening header nuts!
Oil Change Time! Oil Filter Cross Reference list and changing tips for the LC
Rear Shock Pre-Load Adjustment on an LC Tighten up those corners a bit with a simple adjustment!!
Shifter Lubrication Easy but important maintenance for the LC gear shifter.
Speedometer and Air Box Cover Removal Step by step guide to "skinning" the LC.

More "Garage" pages on the way!

  mod shop
Let it RIP!
Adding Airhorns to your LC Yet another take on air horn installation for the LC 1500
Aftermarket Air Breather Cover Installation for the LC Crow's Magic Bracketry Exposed!!
Automatic Light Switch Save your battery during those cold starts and warmups.
Badge Removal for the LC's side covers Giving it an easy "Badgectomy" for the smooth look!
Brake Pedal Chop Job Give them "dogs" more room on the boards! (page on loan from )
Carb Mods Everything you need to know, period! From HC's Carb Shop (now owned and maintained by GManIndustries)
Charging System Wiring Upgrade A simple fix for weak systems to boost charging amps
Desert Dawg Bar Chaps for your LC An easy "Stretch and Fit" for the popular Road King Leather Chaps

"Easy Off" Saddlebag System Mocc's low cost do-it-yourself alternative to "Quick Release" hardware for full time bag users (LC & C90 Only)

Fringe Me Baby! Yeah!! A photo tour of Mocc's Hairy LC!
Fork Reflector Upgrade A smoother look for such a classy bike!
Handlebar Risers An easy alternative to "Bar Hopping"! Ideas, pictures, pricing and where to buy.
Harley Hard Bags for your LC  Tom Mitchell's Adaptation of Harley Touring Saddlebags for the LC.
Harley Flip Switch for the LC Adapting an HD switch to the LC fuel door.
LeatherLyke / Pro-Tac Marriage Making a Pro-Tac Driver Backrest work with Saddlebags
Leather Tank Panel and Pouch Converting an HD Dyna Pouch and other options for the LC Gas Door
Lever Shrinking Chuck's Easy Lever Modifications for Short Fingered Riders.
National Cycle Lightbar Modified for the LC Intruder A Popular style, but not yet born for the LC.
Studding an OEM Seat A few dollars and a little courage is all it takes! Go for it!!
Strobing Brake Light  Keeping a measure of safety on your backside!
Toning down the High Beam Indicator on an LC Give your eyes a break at night!!
Turn Signal Audible Alerts A simple solution from your local Radio Shack.
Turn Signal (OEM) Bar on a Suzy Windshield A simple mod to smooth out the look of the Suzy Shield.
Traffic Light Trigger Make yourself seen by the signal light gods for $3 bucks!!
Wide Blades & Iron Braids Teaming up some Homemade tricks and Iron Braid magic for your levers.

  More "Mod Shop" pages on the way!


Stuff that don't fit anywhere else


Truck Hauling your bike Call me a wimp, but the truth is, I love my truck!!

Legend of the Bell...

A Tribute page to our lost forum friends

Nekid Jug Review!
(or Pairless Riders Show :-)

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'06 Naked Jug Review
Slideshow 13+mb

(Controllable show with music)


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Instructions here


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'06 Naked Jug Review
Screensaver 9+mb

(Screensaver with no music)

Rider submitted photos from Mocc's Place Customers and Visitors!
Many thanks to those who contributed!!

Mocc's Nekid Jug Review On-Line Photo Album!
For Mac users and those that can't download or play the slideshows above.
Now you can view the photos online!

Intruder Alert Rolling Rally

Follow Irving Merlin on his aimless journey as he thumbs his way through cyberspace via the IA Motorcycle Club members!

Mocc's Version of the Intruder Tank Sticker !


(Comic Relief)

Moccasin's Brake Song

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