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Seems like whenever I put a hammer or hacksaw to my bike, people start asking questions. So, whenever I take on a self designed project, I like to keep notes and photos handy so I can just post links instead of typing new instructions all the time, and since I have a lot of trouble remembering where I put things, I'll park all my Harley stuff here so I can find it again!! :-)

This page will eventually become a collection of project tips, service hints, and related photos as I take on the new challenges of "Personalization" of my 2002 FLHR-I and Lady Mocc's 2001 Lowrider .

Blondie's Road King Clock Installation Tips Some fine jewelry, Fit for a King!!

Brake Pad Replacement Easy to change yourself with just a few simple tools!
Debunking the HD Maintenance Myth  Save your money for chrome!!
Detachable Four Channel Rack for Road Kings Detachable convenience for the versatile Four Channel Rack
Dyna Low Rider Brake Pedal Pad Adding a custom touch to a homely Dyna pedal
Grip Removal Re-cycle those favorite grips when changing handlebars.
Handlebar Replacement for Road King Models.
Handlebar Specifications from the Harley book and a few aftermarket offerings
Hard Ties for your Trailer  Solid Steel Tie Downs will never wear or tear!
Model Codes - Deciphering the Harley Alphabet
Motor Mount Replacement What they don't tell you in the book!
My Naked Ass!! Cleaning up the ass end of a King (tag relocation)
Rear Rack Bag Converting the stylish Tour Pak Lid Bag to a flat rear rack for daily use.
(Reverse) Brake Bleeding Do it right the first time, like the Pros do!!
Riser Cover Modification For Road King Open up a new world of accessories by adding risers to your ride
Oil Cooler Addition to Road King Some things you need to know, and tricks they don't tell you.
Oil Filter Wrench Modification Make a tricky wrench easier to use.
Passing Lamp Replacement Skip the Dealer and shop the Auto Parts Store!
Power Point Hideaway Plug and Play idea for your cell phone etc. (coming soon)
Strobing Brake Light Keeping a measure of safety on the backside
Truck Hauling your bike Call me a wimp, but the truth is, I love my truck!!
Tire Changes  Do all or part of it yourself and save some CHROME MONEY!
Wall Hangers for your Detachables Do-it-yourself way to store your stuff

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In Memory of our fathers

My father, Robert Thorne Colquitt
May 31, 1932 ~ May 28, 1992
Lady Mocc's father, David Paul Albert
March 31, 1935 ~ August 29, 1994