Badgectomy for the LC

Removing the Chrome Badges from your LC Intruder

Some like the chrome look Some like the smooth look

Whatever your reason or preference, Suzuki makes it a simple matter to "Personalize" the look of your LC

The chrome Intruder Badges on the sides of the air box covers (Fake Tank) are attached by some very tenacious two sided foam tape, otherwise known as Auto Trim tape. Removing those badges is a simple matter of slowly pulling them off starting at one end.

Of course, the trick here is getting behind the badge without damaging the paint surface of the cover, and with something strong enough to withstand the pulling force. Strong fishing line will work, but may cut into your hands or fingers as you pull. I prefer to use a plastic wire tie (Zip Tie) or plastic picnic knife.

Ease the zip tie or plastic knife edge under the rearmost point of the badge, and grab the tie or knife with both hands, above and below the tip of the badge, and pull straight away from the cover, slow and firm pressure will cause the foam to give up its grip on the badge or cover, and it will begin to release. As it does, place a small piece of cardboard or flat plastic under the front tip of the badge. This is to prevent that tip from dimpling the paint, as the rear tip is pulled outward. The adhesive will release easier if the cover and badge are warm, so either let it sit in the sun for a while first, or warm it up with a hair dryer.

After the badge is off, there may be some amount of foam tape still stuck to the cover (maybe even all of it). Working with your thumbs or fingertips, just simply ROLL the adhesive up and off the paint. If there is any adhesive residue left, it can be removed with products like "GooGone" or WD-40. Give the paint a nice refreshing coat of wax after the "Badgectomy" and you're all set to go smooth, or add a custom graphic!

FYI - The black plastic speedometer console cover and fuel door cover are attached the same way.

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