Mocc's "Easy Off" Saddlebag Mounting System

A low cost alternative to "Quick Detachable" hardware for the LC & C90 Boulevard

Please Note: I no longer sell Easy-Off Kits, but have left instructions for building and installing your own kit with common hardware store components, for the benefit of all Intruder owners.

Tired of having to fight with your saddlebags, backrest, fender and wrench all at the same time, just to check your brake pads or clean the rear wheel?

Now you can pull your bags in 10 seconds with no tools and no lining up parts for re-assembly!

Designed as an inexpensive alternative to "Quick Release" type systems, for full time bag users, Mocc's "Easy Off" concept replaces your fender bolts with stainless steel threaded studs, wing nuts and washers for quick and easy removal of your saddlebags.

Just reach inside the bag, spin off the wing nuts and pull the bag and support bracket off, do your business, slip the bag and bracket back on, and tighten the wing nuts. No dropping of the rear fender, no slipping of the backrest support, no wrenches, ratchets or extra helpers required.

Note-This system is intended for full time bag users only. Riding without the bags, will leave unsightly threaded stock protruding from your fender struts. Not KEWL!



Standard Studs - Fits Suzuki Side Buckle bags and most custom bags - Normal Stud Length 3.75"

Early style Studded Leather with side buckle closure Late style Leather with side buckle closure C90T Stock Bags



Long Studs -
Fits Suzuki "Flip Top" bag styles below (cut studs 1" longer to accommodate the plastic spacers behind the bags) Average 4.75" in length.

"Flip Top" bags (Hinged at the front, buckled or snapped at the back)


1.) First, reach behind your rear fender and feel for one of your saddlebag bolts protruding through the fender. If it protrudes more than a few threads, make a mental note of that.

2.) Remove one saddlebag mounting bolt and measure its total length including the head, and subtract any excess protrusion from the rear.

3.) Now add one inch to the resulting measurement for a total cut length of 8MM x1.25 pitch threaded stock (Sometimes referred to as "All-thread").

4.) Cut four pieces of threaded stock to your measurements. (If it ain't stainless, it will rust on the ends.) Cutting is best done with a cut-off wheel, but can be done with a hacksaw or band saw if necessary.

5.) Smooth down the ends and repair any thread damage with an 8MM x1.25 die. Quickest and easiest way to "dress" the ends is to chuck the studs in a drill, then spin them against a running grinder wheel. Round the ends off to prevent snagging your luggage or skin, and buff them with a wire wheel.

6.) Purchase four each from whatever source you can find: 8MM Wing nuts, 8MM Fender Washers, 8MM internal tooth lock washers, 8MM nylon insert lock nuts, and 5/16" vinyl or plastic thread caps.


To avoid excessive fender drop, work on one side of the bike at a time.

Start by removing one bag and support bracket, leaving all other accessories in place. It may help to temporarily place one of the bolts back into the fender to keep it lined up.

1.) To create a grip surface for a stud, screw on two wing nuts, facing each other, and hand tighten them together. This will temporarily lock them into position on the stud and give you something to grip.

2.) Now screw that stud into the fender until it protrudes through the backside slightly more than the depth of a nut.

3.) Reach up under the fender and place a common nut on the protruding stud. Tighten the nut with a 13MM wrench while holding the wing nuts steady. This will "lock" the stud into place in the fender and prevent it from turning when removing and installing the bags.

4.) Unlock and remove the two wing nuts, and proceed to the next stud.

With both studs in place, simply slide on the bag and support together, then from inside the bag, slide on the flat fender washer, the internal tooth lock washer, and the wing nut, and tighten by hand, then slip the vinyl cap over the exposed threads of the stud to prevent injury or damage. The 5/16" caps fit fairly loosely so that they can be easily removed without damage.

As an added bonus, you might consider drilling a couple of pairs of small holes in the rear of the bag and securing the brackets to the bag with a pair of plastic zip ties, so that it stays in place when the bags are off.

I have personally used one of these kits for 10,000 miles without any of the wing nuts ever working loose on me. However, as a safety precaution, whenever the bags are opened, you should check the wing nuts for looseness.

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