Regulator/Rectifier Wiring Modification

"Mod 3" LC/C90 Charging System Improvements


While Suzuki may have gotten it right with the style and ergonomics of the mighty LC/C90, they dropped the ball with their entire charging system! These great bikes are often plagued with slow starting  recovery, very low charging voltage at normal cruising rpms, short lived expensive batteries, and very limited add-on capabilities. These bikes will produce the charging power they need, but the problem is, the connectors are all so poorly designed that much of what is produced gets lost before it ever gets to the battery. Or to put it more simply, it's like riding around with loose battery terminals all the time!


Over the years, some great minds and hands have worked on tweaking the Suzuki Charging system and the related components. Some things worked, and some worked better. The following PDF file is a combination of all the best efforts, and kudos go to Ailog, Cobra, Dan and everyone else who had a hand in the process!

Now, all I can say from here, is DO IT! Print this file out and get out there to your bike and make it happen. It all LOOKS intimidating, and for sure, nobody likes cutting perfectly good wires on their prize bike, but if you also don't like buying a $150 battery every other year and packing jumper cables and battery tenders in your saddlebags, then grab your tool box and get to work!

"Mod 3" Wiring Updgrade