Aftermarket Breather Cover Installation
Bracket How-to for the LC Intruder Conversion

While the LC Intruder's massive "Chromed Cough Drop" Pair valve cover has a unique character all its own, many owners prefer the look of some of the aftermarket air breather covers offered for the H-D and Vulcan bikes.

After removing the Pair valve system from the bike, a new bracket will be required for installation of the new cover to the cylinder walls.

Our friend "Crow" has agreed to share his method of attaching one of these fine covers to the LC.

Parts needed:
Round cover of your choice; "I used the 'Inferno Cover" from J&P Cycles, part #27-641" (any 8" cover could be made to work)
3/4 "x 3/16" Strap Iron (usually sold in 4' or 8' lengths from most hardware stores)
Three attachment bolts: 6mm x 20mm long.
Three 3/16" spacers, cut out of steel tube or purchased individually.
One SAE or Metric nut the size of the cover screw you are using.
Piece of thick rubber for use as a spacer, and zip tie or glue to secure it.
Drill and assorted bits
Welder, or good friend with one :-)
Beer for the welder friend (or for yourself if you own a welder)! :-)

"I did lots of eyeballing and holding up of the cover before I started..
I used my noggin instead of a system of exact measurement.

I used my eyeballs and a tape to measure the differences in lengths of the straps, caused by the offset thickness of the rear jug. One had to be shorter. I made the flat mounting tabs on the ends of the straps long enough that the rest of the strap would be at least partially hidden. I even put a little more angle in the bends to achieve this.

I welded the two straps together after cutting the one to just overlap the other. Could have butt welded it, but thought it would be a bit stronger this way. I held the cover up to the installed brackets, and marked the hole to be drilled in the strap. . Drilled it then welded a nut on the back. I held it where it needed to be with the bolt inserted in the nut. Tack welded it, removed the bolt, finished welding the nut to the back.

I used a piece of tire I cut for a spacer to make up the 3/16" offset in the bracket straps, and to give the installed cover a cushion to help stop any vibration that might occur, used a zip tie to attach the rubber.

I then cut some 3/16" spacers from a piece of 'steel tubing. I used these spacers to mount the brackets to the jugs. The holes are recessed in from the fins, and the spacers keep the bracket from damaging the fins.

This particular cover uses a base piece that is first bolted to the bike, then a snap on cover for the finished product.

A little comnon sense, an artistic eye, some primitive low tech parts, and a will to get it done is all it takes, and the whole job took me about an hour and a half.

Click for full screen shot of Crow's gorgeous LC!
(Click photo above for full screen high resolution shot)

Many thanks to my cyber friend "Crow" from New Mexico for sharing this project.

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