Desert Dawg Leather Chaps for your
Cobra Freeway Bars

An easy "stretch and fit" for the popular RoadKing Bar Chaps

This tech page was created in 1999, for adapting LEATHER Road King chaps to the LC with Cobra Crash bars. Since then, the Desert Dawg company has begun offering a vinyl chap ready made for the LC (equipped with Cobra bars). Priced between $80 and $120, depending on stud or fringe options, These are very high quality chaps which require little to no maintenance, and are an instant perfect fit. You can buy them directly from the company under the "Metric" section of their website at: Desert Dawg

If you prefer the additional qualities of leather, read on:

If you are interested in Leather bar chaps for your LC 1500 with Cobra Freeway bars, order the Leather Dawgs from Desert Dawg for the HD RoadKing (FLHR).

You can soak the leather chaps in water for a while to soften them up, then stretch, pull and tug them into place over your Cobra Freeway bars, and secure them in place for a week while they dry out. Then you're good to go.

TIP! - Slide a pair of plastic garbage bags over the bars first, or else be prepared for rust remover polish when you get done! (Don't ask me how I know this J)

Leather Dawgs are the only ones that can be made to fit, because the leather can be stretched. Not so with ballistic nylon models.

Desert Dawgs are available directly from Desert Dawg, or from J&P Cycles (Item number #4426)

The Hwy peg cutout on this set was altered a bit to allow room for my very low mounted pegs, but the chaps come with a cutout for high mounted pegs.

Have some fun! That's what you bought it for! J

Visible accessories:
Hopnel Windshield pouch,
Padded Leather Grips,
IronBraid lever treatment,
Drag-Specialties Pullback Risers,
Custom World Spot Lights,
Desert Leather Dawgs,
Cobra Freeway Crash Bars,
KuryAkyn ISO Pegs,
ADS Centerstand

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