Fuel Filter Replacement for the LC

No need to strip the rear of the bike!

Replacing the Fuel Filter on the LC Intruder normally requires removal of the rear fender to access the bracket bolt for the filter. Now, technically, that ain't but four bolts and some wiring, but it can be a royal pain in the butt if you ride a tour loaded machine like me!!

Filter replacement can be done without removing the fender. The shade tree method for changing the fuel filter is to take a hacksaw blade and cut through the bracket bands as close to the fender or tank as possible, then you can just bend it out slightly and slide the filter out. Slide the new filter in and bend it back down.

Fuel Filter located under the seat.

Cut the bands

1.) Pull both fuel lines from the old filter and temporarily plug them off with bolts or other properly sized plugs.

2.) If you have a couple of large rubber vacuum caps, it ain't a bad idea to cap off the filter nipples just for safety's sake.

3.) Take a hacksaw blade (wrapped in a towel for a handle), and carefully cut through the filter bracket as close to the front or back as you can. (Front's easier because you don't have to worry about scratching your fender) If you are careful, you can do this without cutting through the filter housing.

4.) Bend the two bands upward and remove the filter.

5.) File or sand the band edges smooth so they don't cause a problem later (dremmell tool works great here).

6.) Replace the filter and bend the bands back down over the new one. It ain't going anywhere.

7.) Re-attach the fuel lines, and re-install the seat.

If you are ever down with the fender off, pick up a new bracket and cut it right next to the tab so that it actually bends down the full circumference of the filter. No big deal, just looks better.

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