Fringe and Studs

    add a character all their own


Ever seen a shaved horse? Not a pretty site!!
Born into this world with their own brand of fringe, and a spirit to match...
and the cowboys have been adding studs and leather for centuries!!

Sometimes hard to find, fringed strips are available from Tandy Leather Co, and other sources, and can be attached in various ways to make your ride uniquely yours.

Fringe strips were attached to the center of the Leatherlyke bottoms by sandwiching the leather between the bag and a strip of 1/2" wide aluminum flat stock and riveting the strip to the bag. The leather was attached to the aluminum prior to installation with auto trim adhesive.

Using aluminum as a backing plate allows bending to match the curvature of the bottom of the bags.

Fringe strips were attached to the Cobra Floor Boards with auto trim adhesive.

Ace Leather Co. Conchos were also attached to the boards with auto trim adhesive. No alterations to the boards necessary.

After studding the OEM seat, fringe strips were stapled to the under side to finish the look.

Due to the close fit to the seat to the side panels, fringe was not used in this area, and to prevent unnecessary paint wear, the fringe was trimmed flush where the seat bridges over the fender.

Studding and Conchoing the seat are covered on another page at Mocc's Place.
The Rear Rack Bag is a standard Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic Rack Bag, and came with the fringe and two upper Conchos, which were replaced with Ace Leather Co. conchos which were outfitted with IronBraid Teal Concho tassles tied in with the original black tassles.
After creating my own Wide Blade Levers from the originals, I sent them to IronBraid for the final braiding and fringe. The padded leather grips from JC Whitney also came with attached fringe.

(Larger detail not available on this page)

"I'm a cowboy. On a steel horse I ride. I'm wanted...Dead or alive!"
(Jon Bon-Jovi)


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