Another take on installing Air Horns to your LC 1500

Ok. By now, most everybody knows that Moccasin Mike likes to show off his "Naked Jugs" after removing the pair valve and relocating the OEM horn. However, in the interest of safety, I have recently installed a set of Wolo Air Horns, and so, for now, my jugs are once again adorned with chromed goodies. Only this time, those goodies are useful!!

So here's a "How To" on the installation procedure that I used. I am not saying that this is the best way, and certainly not the only way to install these horns on an LC. I have seen several installations, and this one suits me best.

The compressor is a bit on the bulky side, and very hard to hide and still be accessible, and then if you wanna do it right, there's all them wires and stuff, so I said hey, wait a minute...I've got this big ol ugly triangle box thingie sittin in the closet! (hey, at least it's chrome, right?) So I mounted the compressor, the relay, most of the wiring, and the longer of the two horns inside the pair valve box, then mounted the shorter horn on the opposite side (gotta be symetrical ya know) to the original horn bracket. Pair Valve Box Photo

This whole setup is amazingly simple when it comes to making it fit. No bracket building was necessary, only a couple of holes to be drilled, a small predrilled corner bracket for the long trumpet, then the only tuff part was grinding out a notch in the pair cover for the trumpet. Simple grinding with a flat cutoff wheel in a bench grinder and a little patience, finished off with a generous helping of Lady Mocc's clear nail polish (it WAS hers, I promise) to prevent the exposed metal from rusting and the chrome from peeling. Cover Photo

Now, here's the kicker. A few people are setting these air horns up without the relays. If you do that, you're asking for trouble. Blowing a fuse on one of these puppies 100 miles from home will guarantee you a bad day!!

Run a hot lead from the hot side of your primary fuse (under the airbox cover on the left side. This wire comes directly off your battery) to your relay, and wire the relay ground contact to the cold side of the horn wiring plug (Black and Blue wire). Primary Fuse Photo All other wiring is inside the Pair Box. I also wired an inline 30 amp "Breaker" type fuse to the hot lead from the primary fuse, and the breaker is zip tied to the relay inside the pair box.

The smaller trumpet looks nice on the left side, and I may not even make a cover for its base. I also ordered a pair of weather cones for the horns directly from Wolo, but they change the tone and volume of the horns, so I have elected not to use them. Left Horn Photo

Test? Hello? What did you say? I'm sorry, I can't hear a thing for this ringing in my ears!! HAHA!! Well now, these is loud hooters!! Right Side Photo

Of course we all know...."Loud pipes (horns) save lives"! :-)