Toning down the High Beam Indicator

Get rid of that "Nuclear Face" and give your eyes a break!!

If you can't see over the beacon light that indicates your high beam on, or just don't like looking like a nuclear accident while riding down the road at night, here's an easy way to reduce the luminance of the high beam indicator, or any of the other indicators on the LC 1500 Intruder.

Remove the speedometer console, ( refer to "Skinning the LC" for removal instructions) and flip it over on its face to gain access to the indicator bulbs (located behind the flat rubber seal strip).

Twist and remove the offending indicator bulb from its socket.

Punch a hole in a thin piece of cardboard with a phillips head screwdriver, then push the indicator bulb through the hole in the carboard and spray paint the bulb with some flat black engine paint. Let it dry and re-install it.

Enough light will escape through the paint and around the bottom of the bulb to sufficiently light the indicator panel, but now it won't be so blinding to you at night.

NOTE - I do not recommend reduction of luminance on the Turn Signal, Low Fuel, or Oil indicators, as these are important and certainly SHOULD get your attention!

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