Moccasin Mike
1999 Suzuki LC 1500 Black/Teal
Moccasin Mike and Lady Mocc live in central Alabama, U.S.A. where riding is a four season sport. Hindered only by the constant inflow of rain and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.
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Wetumpka, Alabama U.S.A.
Ave. Winter temp. 55 F
Ave. Summer temp. 95 F
Ave. Humidity - Way too high!!

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Been amateur wrenching, building and riding bikes since my brother gave me his dead Honda Cub 50 when I was 13! Many moons and many bikes ago!

I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a perfect bike, car, house, person, or world, and our enjoyment of our lifetime here depends solely on our willingness and ability to accept this as fact and have a great time in spite of all shortcomings.

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Although I have no interest in high performance mods, I do enjoy "improving" a good thing, and my LC has seen several modifications to improve it's reliability, comfort and looks.

Raised on a small farm with little family income, I learned early on how to make things fit that won't, and how to make things work that don't. "Cut to suit, beat to fit, and paint to match!

Best Highways in Alabama:
Hwy 9 Wetumpka to Heflin
Hwy 49 Tallassee to Cheaha
Hwy 50 Red Hill to Lanett
Hwy 259 Equality to Alex City
Hwy 281 in Cheaha State Park

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Accessories: Custom World Light Bar / Cobra Light Visors / Suzuki Windshield and Lowers / Hopnell Tri-Pac Windshield Bag / Pro-One 4" Pullback Risers with HD Split Billet Caps / Universal Padded Leather Fringed Grips / IronBraid Lever Service / VistaCruise Throttle Lock / ADS Polished Aluminum Speedo Visor / HD Dyna Wide Glide Leather Tank Panel w/Pouch / Wolo Chrome Air Horns / Cobra Freeway Highway Bar / KuryAkyn Large ISO Highway Pegs / Desert Dawg Road King Studded Leather Bar Chaps / ADS Center Stand / Roadhouse Exhaust System / Cobra Passenger FloorBoards / LeatherLyke Cross Country Studded Saddlebags / Pro-Tac Driver Backrest / Suzuki Low Profile Passenger Backrest fitted with Pro-Tac 10" Passenger Pad / BackOFF LED Strobing Brake Light Strip mounted to the backrest / BackOFF LED Tag Bracket wired to brake and tail lights / Suzuki Billet Tail Rack / HD Heritage Travel Bag / SpeedBleeder Brake Nipples. Not pictured: Heritage Classic Handlebars / Roadhouse smooth headpipe shields / Fringe added to Leatherlyke bags and rear floorboards / Harley Davidson chrome Touring windshield lowers.

Modifications: Pair Valve removed / Lights wired to come on when kickstand is lifted / OEM Turnsignal bar modified to fit with windshield / Lowers modified to accept CW Lightbar on OEM Turn signal bar / Pro-Tac Mounting system modified to create a two point attachment on each side (more stability) / Suzuki Passenger Rest moved back 1.5" / OEM Seats Studded and Conchoed / VistaCruise Modified to eliminate mounting bridge and bracket (brings the lever back down to original position) / LeatherLyke Saddlebags modified to accept Pro-Tac driver rest without spacers / Brakes modified to reduce squeal and buzz / Windshield Mount Adaptor to allow for two additional height positions / Audible Turn Signal indicator.

Some of my LC projects are outlined in tech pages at Mocc's Place.
Come on over and visit when you have the time!

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