Lever Squeeze for Adjustable Levers

Bringing those levers in closer for short fingers

If you find adjustable levers to be a stretch, even at their closest setting, you can still make a bit of difference in the resting position, by slightly trimming the positioning post with a high speed cutting tool.

The following modification and photos were sent in by my cyber friend Chuck, from Sanford, NC

*Remove the bolt holding the lever on with a 10mm box wrench and 5mm allen wrench. Leave the compression spring where it is. It'll stay.
*There is a pin that goes into the lever adjustment hole that can be shortened. You cannot pull it out so don't try. Cover the tank with towel and wrap a paper towel around the appropriate switchgear.

(The pin in this photo has already been trimmed and rounded)
*Use a Moto type Tool and a cutting disk. Cut the end off the pin about 1/32nd to 1/16th inch. The amount is up how close you want the lever but do not cut it to the extent the curved part of the lever hits the curved part on the bike with the gold pin with the lever adjustment wheel set to 4. You'll see it easily. I would not exceed 3/32 inch when shortening.
*Using the Moto type tool install a fairly fine grinding tool and carefully round off the end of the pin. Note that the receiving hole for the pin is shaped for a rounded pin end. Remove the paper towel that caught some of the fine particles and put a tiny bit of good grease on the end of the pin and into the levers hole the pin fits into.
*Reinstall the lever. Now each adjustment point on the lever, 1 through 4 will be a bit closer to the grip. For me I keep it on the #4, closest position.

Many thanks to Chuck for taking the time to remove his already modified levers and photographing them, and for sharing the information!

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