(also known as "2nd Air" or "Secondary Air")
That five pound ugly chromed triangular thingie
that hides those gorgeous Intruder/Marauder Jugs!!

We have Complete Removal Kits available for $22.00 (Includes U.S. shipping),  and $27.00 for non U.S. Shipments, for those who prefer to have it "ready to go",
or those who have no time or means to build their own air inlet cover plates and gaskets. (Foreign orders MUST be paid by PayPal.)

If you would like to purchase a "Moccasin" Mike's Pair Valve Removal Kit, you can e-mail me for additional details, or simply click the "Buy Now" button below after your model selection for a credit card payment through PayPal.

Don't have PayPal? You can still purchase a kit with your credit card! When you click on the "Buy Now" button, scroll to the lower left corner of the new page and you will see "Don't have a Paypal account?"  click "Continue" and it will take you to a page where you can enter your Visa information. This does not increase your purchase cost, but simply routes your credit card purchase through the Paypal system and I cover the additional costs (that's cheaper than me signing on with all those credit card companies!). :-)

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Fits All Models up to 2012 and C50/C50T up to current production
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We no longer accept international orders.
With apologies to my friends across the borders and the waters.
International shipping has reached a point where it is no longer possible to have a reasonable price and still make any profit at all.

What is it, what's it for, and why should I remove it?

C90 BOULEVARD Pair Valve (2nd Air) Removal Instructions (with photos!)

LC INTRUDER Pair Valve Removal Instructions

MARAUDER 800 Pair Valve Removal Instructions

C50 / M50 BOULEVARD Pair Valve ( 2nd Air) Removal Instructions (with photos!)

2014 C50T REMOVAL Pictorial by Daniel DuMey (Downloadable PDF file)

VOLUSIA 800 Pair Valve Removal Instructions (with photos!)

Removing the Electronic Solenoid For FI equipped Boulevards "C" and "M" Models

HogEater's "Naked Intruder Jugs" (Nice shot of his Roadhouse Pipes too!)

PK's "Naked Marauder Jugs"

Gary M's "Naked Volusia Jugs"

Crow's Aftermarket Harley Breather Cover on an LC


The biggest problem for most people that want to remove the Boulevard, LC, Marauder or Volusia Pair Valve is that you have to manufacture your own plates to cover the resulting holes in your cylinder walls (where the lower tubes enter the cylinders). This requires a bit of work, which some folks either don't have the time for, or the equipment for. Then of course, you have to go "scavenging" for bolts and caps and stuff.

The Kit contains a cap for the Airbox nipple (LC models), a cap for the vacuum "T" (or manifold nipple for Marauder), a pair of aluminum plates w/gaskets to cover the air delivery tube inlet holes. and a set of seven stainless steel bolts and lock washers. Three of the bolts will be used to fill the holes left by removing the pair valve box, and the other four are for optionally replacing the cylinder wall studs that currently hold the air delivery tubes on. (You don't have to replace these studs, but they will stick up above the plates a bit.), and complete instructions. Bolts nuts and washers are 18-8 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and blackened with high temp engine paint to match your engine.. All kits are universally packaged, so depending on your model, you may have components left over.

Other than replacing the studs, no changes are made to the bike or the pair valve, and it can be easily returned to duty, if you wish. (Could come in handy if you need some warranty work done or want to sell the bike in stock condition :-)

If you can handle a wrench and a pair of pliers, (from your Suzy Tool Kit) you're set to go!

I installed your kit on my 2002 Marauder in about 20 minutes. The bike definitely looks better, and the annoying backfire is GONE! Thanks! It's cool to see someone come up with a great, simple idea, and then produce an easy, inexpensive kit so that others can quickly implement your idea. I will definitely spread the news to Intruder and Marauder owners I come across in Birmingham.
Marc Cormack

Legal disclaimer: Federal law prohibits removal of or tampering with automotive pollution control devices. I sell screws, plates, and caps. What you do with them is your business! ;-) Yeah, that's it!! :-)

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