Intruder Alert Rolling Rally

Follow Irving Merlin's journey from Arkansas to North Carolina
No road maps, no schedule, just a two wheeled adventure shared with the finest folks in the land.

Many Thanks to our Cyber friends GaryPaul for introducing the idea and kicking off the rally, Chip for the magnificent creation of "Irving Merlin", Gimp for the clothing to keep him warm, G-man for organizing and dispatching the relays, and a very special thanks to the Lazyrider Bag Company for Irving's travel accommodations !!


Wardrobe by "Designs by Gimp"

Irving Gets Arrested!!

Irving runs into a bit of trouble with the ladies
before departing Arkansas.



Photos and locations (along with your own board name) should be submitted to  Please limit the number of photos to one per rider, and if possible, taken near a location sign, bike rally, or scenic area that Irving has visited
Be sure to include the date, location, and I.A. names in the photo so I can caption them properly!!.


Gary Paul ~ The Journey Begins 1 GaryPaul to RonaldDee ~ Greenville, MS 02/13/03 2 RonaldDee to Cruiserbiker ~ Clinton, MS 02/22/03
GaryPaul ~ The Journey Begins
Jonesboro, AR ~ February 2003
(1) GaryPaul to RonaldDee
Greenville, MS  02/13/03
RonaldDee to Cruiserbiker
CLinton, MS  02/22/03
(3) DC & Vicki_C
Hattiesburg, MS 02/24/03
DC to in2ruder ~ Tallahassee, FL In2ruder to Glajo ~ Daytona 03-06-03
(4) DC to in2ruder
Tallahassee, FL 03/01/03
(5) in2ruder to Gladjo
Daytona, FL  03/06/03
(6) Gladjo to Iwannaintruder
Orlando, FL  03/10/03
(7) Iwannaintruder to Chip
Lake Wales, FL 03/10/03

(photo not available)
(8) Chip to NoPork (9) NoPork to Moccasin
Columbus, GA 05/03/03
(10) Moccasin to Rider
Cullman, AL 05/04/03
(11) Rider to Moose
Cullman, AL 05/06/03

(Little Rock, AR)
(photo not available)

(Branson, MO)
(photo not available)
(12) Moose to Shaker
Conway, AR 05/12/03
(13) Shaker to Big John 05/15/03 (14) Big John to Jbop
Branson, MO  05/16/03
(15) Jbop to Boff
Kansas City, MO 05/19/03
(16) Boff to Stroppy
Arlington, VA (The Wall)
(17) Stroppy to Ninjato
Silver Spring, MD 05/27/03
(18) Ninjato to Hopwilly
New Hope, PA 05/29/03
(19) Hopwilly to Jimbo
Lake George (Americade) NY

(photo not available)

(20) Jimbo to DHarper (21) DHarper to Deadmanriding
Laconia, NH 06/12/03
(22)Deadmanriding and Bryannma
Providence, RI
(23) Deadmanriding to Lenny
Misquamicut Bch, RI 06/15/03
(24) Lenny to Nuff
Danbury, CT 06/19/03
(25) Nuff to Gradona
Poconos, PA 06/27/03
(26) Gradona to LairdRose
Gettysburg, PA 06/28/03
(27) LairdRose to Apple47
Erie, PA  07/02/03

(photo not available)
Scottrod to Thunderbirds
(28) Apple47 to GT
Dryersville, WI 07/14/03
(29A) GT to Scottrod
Plymouth, MN 08/-/03
(29B) Scottrod toThunderbirds
Rapid City, SD 08/-/03
(30) Thunderbirds to Plowboy
Redig, SD 08/29/03

(photo not available)
Gimp to Gman
(31) Plowboy to Trapper_Canada
Port of Raymond, MT 08/30/03
(32) Trapper_Canada to Mutley
Surrey, BC 9/15/03
(33) Mutley To Gimp
Burlington, WA 09/19/03
(34) Gimp to Gman
Burlington, WA 09/19/03
Boots to Gman
(35) GMan to Legs
Port Angeles, WA 09/20/03
(36) Legs to Boots
Aberdeen, WA 09/20/03
(37) Boots to GMan
Olympia, WA 09/21/03
(38) GMan to Ceejabe
Anacortes, WA 09/28/03
(39) Ceejabe to BikerTom
Chemult, OR 10/01/03
(40) BikerTom to Sport
Redding, CA 10/10/03
Alice's Restaurant Rendezvous
San Jose, CA 10/19/03
(41) Sport to Cutter
Bakersfield, CA 10/25/03
Cutter to Ramster
(photo not available)
(42) Cutter to Ramster
Sylmar, CA 10/29/03
(43) Ramster to HBCruiser (44) HBCruiser to Gona Kickbuty
Lake Elsinore, CA 01/03/04
(45) Gona Kickbuty to GAR
Yuma, AZ 02/29/04
(46) Gar to ColoJim & Lobo
Prescott, AZ 03/21/04
(47) Lobo to Strider1
Palmer Lake, CO 04/04/04
(48) Strider to Drifter
Capulin, NM 04/17/04
(49) Drifter to FatKid
Shamrock, TX 04/22/04
(50) FatKid to Tighedog
Wichita, KS. 04/24/04
(51) Tighedog to Crosscountry
St. Louis, MO 04/24/04
(52) Crosscountry to Camel Toe
O'Fallon, IL 05/02/04
(52a) R-Tru-D2, Fiona,
Irving & Camel Toe 05/05/04

(photo not available)
(53) Camel Toe to Crosscountry
Scott AFB, IL 05/08/04
(54) Crosscountry to Fuzzy
Galesburg, IL 05/09/04
(55) Fuzzy to Michigan Jeff
Mason, MI 05/15/04
(56) Michigan Jeff to EMU
Hell, MI 05/16/04
  (57) EMU to NightWolf
Toronto, Canada 06/10/04
(58) NightWolf to Merlin
Asheville, NC 07/01/04

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