Rear Shock Pre-load Adjustment

Tighten up those corners a bit!!


  • There are two large "sprocket" looking nuts on the upper part of the rear shock. Visible from the right side after removing the gas tank cover. (Below the seat)

    The upper nut locks the lower one. What you have to do is first jack the bike up to get the rear wheel off the ground so there is no weight on the spring, then take off the right gas tank cover, so that you can see a path to the nuts (they are kind of brassy looking), then, using a hammer and a long drift, or rod, just carefully knock the upper one loose then knock the lower one clockwise around the threaded shock tube to stiffen. Counter clockwise to soften.

    *Tip: Take a magic marker and blacken one tab on the lower nut so you will know when you've made a complete turn.

    Once you get a complete turn on the lower nut, lock the upper one down onto it and test ride.

    The specifications for spring pre-load are as follows:
    Spring length 8.54" Maximum Pre-load
    Spring length 8.94" Minimum Pre-load
    Spring length 8.74" Factory Pre-load

    There should be almost a quarter inch of adjustment either way.

    I tightened mine by one complete turn and can tell quite a bit of difference. Suspension is a lot firmer, and it's much more stable in the corners now.