Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends!
We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside!
courtesy - Imerson, Lake & Palmer - Karn Evel 9

INSTRUCTIONS for Downloading, Installing, and Viewing the Slideshows.  

WARNING!! These files are HUGE! and may require several hours of download time!! If you have difficulty staying connected to your internet service long enough to complete the download, check to make sure your browser is not set to disconnect after an idle period. It may also help to attempt the download late at night, during the week, when internet traffic is lighter. Also, you can connect to your e-mail and have it check for messages every few minutes, or connect to an active chat box, to help maintain your connection.
ABOUT THE SHOWS: All shows are created on Windows95 software, and require Windows95 or higher to run.
 The more RAM memory you have, the better the show will run. For best viewing, you monitor should be set at a resolution of 800x600. w/16 Million Colors. If the show drags, or sounds weird, close all programs and restart you r computer. This will free up all available Ram memory, and clear your Cache memory.


Click the show file link and select "Save this file to disk" and select where you want to save the file to (preferably your Desktop)

The slideshow  files are stand alone program files, and do not place any other files or software on your computer, and may be deleted anytime you wish.  You may download the file(s) anywhere on your hard drive, (desktop recommended) then open it from there.

A.O.L. USERS: Your browser may not be able to "see" the file if you download it to your AOL "Downloads" folder. Make sure you specify a new folder for AOL to download the slideshow file segments to, so you can navigate directly to that folder after downloading is complete.
For best viewing, set your Windows Task bar to "Auto Hide".

Right clicking on any slide will open a menu in which you can choose to Pause, Play, set the current slide as Wallpaper, Export the slide as a jpeg file to another folder, Hide or View the Control Bar, or Exit the show.

From the Right Click Menu, you can elect to display a control bar at the bottom of the screen. This control bar may be used to pause and resume play, stop play, and scroll forward or backward through the show. When you drag the scroll bar, you will see a small thumbnail view in the center of your screen to show you where you are in the lineup.

You can use your right and left ARROW keys to advance forward or backward quickly through the slides, or use your BACKSPACE key to Pause/Resume play. If you have a "Wheel Mouse" the wheel will act as a forward or backward command (if you have it set to scroll three lines at a time, it will advance three slides at a time).

You may right click at any time and choose "Exit", or hit your "Esc" key, then close the window by clicking the "X".

All shows are "stand alone" programs. To completely remove the show from your system, simply delete the file.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If you have difficulty with downloading or viewing the shows, post a description of your system and your problem at the Intruder Cafe. The shows will run best when all other programs are closed. If, after closing all programs, you still get some drag, try restarting your computer (this will clear it's cache and ram memory). If this doesn't work, try running it in a smaller window by pressing "Esc" during play, then drag the window size to suit you.

Since all PCs operate at slightly different processor speeds, the shows are loaded with more music than photos, to help insure that there is background audio throughout the whole show. At the end of the photo lineup, the music will stop wherever it is.

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