Modifying the OEM Turn Signal Bar to work with a Suzy Shield

By "Moccasin" Mike

This modification was done to create a working relationship between the OEM turn signal bar and the original NON-ADJUSTABLE Suzuki Classic Windshields. Please be aware that the newer ADJUSTABLE Suzuki Shields have taller stanchions on their base mounting brackets, and will not allow sufficient clearance under the turn bar for re-mounting.
One of the most common cosmetic upgrades to the Suzy shield, is the modification of your turn signal bar to allow it to be retained (you normally remove the OEM bar, and replace it with a less attractive straight bar that comes with the shield). If you have a drill and a hack saw, or Dremel tool, and are interested in retaining your turn signal bar for a smoother, more finished look, simply slot out the the end plates as shown on the pic below. This will allow the bar to straddle the two lower bracket stanchions from the Windshield. Be sure to coat the exposed cut edges with clear sealant (nail polish is fine) to prevent corrosion or blistering chrome.


Pulling the Turn Signals in in this manner requires moving the Suzy Lowers down to the bottom mounting hole, which leaves them with only one mounting bolt each. You can stabilize the lowers by either drilling and installing an additional smaller bolt below the usable mounting bolt, or by simply using a plastic zip tie to go from the bottom Lower hole, up and over the stub of the turn signal itself. You even can buy chrome zip ties which will be less noticeable.