End Weight Removal for the LC

The right way to loose weight!

Most models of Suzuki Intruders come with vibration dampening weights attached to the ends of the handlebars. Before removing or changing grips, it is necessary to remove the end weights.

These nice chrome end weights have a very simple clamping system to hold them in place, but if not properly removed, you will be left with trapped hardware rattling around inside the handlebars and have a miserable time trying to retrieve it.

The end weight assembly uses a rubber compression grommet inside the bars, which expands when you tighten the phillips head screw in the center of the weight, to grip the inside of the bars. To remove the end weight, simply loosen (DO NOT REMOVE) the screw a couple of turns, until you feel no resistance, then grab the end weight, and pull the whole assembly straight out of the bars.

Over a  period of time, the compression grommet may tend to adhere itself to the inside of the bars, and internal rust may make it a bit difficult to slide it out. In a pinch, you can loosen the screw enough to get a grip on it with a claw hammer. Grasp the hammer with one hand and "bump" it with the other to coax the assembly out.

This is what the assembly looks like once its free from the bars. (sorry about the poor focus)


Now, if you've already screwed up and lost the flange nut inside the bars, there are a couple of tricks you can try to retrieve it.

1.) Bend a tiny "hook" on the end of a length of coat hanger, and try to fish out the rubber grommet that's left in place in the bars, as it blocks your path to the loose flange nut. use a bit of WD40 to help free up the stuck grommet if you have to, but ONLY if you have to.

2.) After the grommet is retrieved you can blow the nut out by using compressed air on the other end of the bars, or you can run a flexible wire through the entire length of the bar, then wrap one end of it with a piece of cloth and pull that back through the bars to swab out the nut, but make sure the cloth is securely fastened to the wire, or you' just make matters worse when you loose the cloth inside!

3.) You can remove the bars and tilt them until the nut falls out, or for less work, have a strong friend to help you gently lay the bike over until they nut falls out.

Most aftermarket grips have closed, or semi closed end caps and will not allow re-installation of the end weights. While there are other means of establishing dampening weight for the bars, such as lead filled vinyl tubing (bar snake) and solid bar stock, driven into the bars, the end weights can be used with almost all brands of grips if you simply drill or mill a hole in the end of the grip the same diameter as the inside of the bar. Kuryakyn ISO grips already have a small hole in the end of the metal casing, which can be easily filed or milled with a Dremmel tool to accommodate your end weights, which compliment the Kurys very well.

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