Oil Change Time for the Intruder
Helpful hints and entertainment from the Intruder Alert group

To aid in the never ending quest for lower cost aftermarket "stuff" for our bikes, here is a list of available oil filters which are said to fit the Intruder 1400 and 1500 series bikes.
If you know of others, feel free to e-mail me with the information and I will add it to the list.
Many thanks to whomever did the research (I'm just the Library).


Oil Filters for Suzuki Intruder

  SUZUKI OEM 16510-06B01
NAPA Gold, Oil Filter, #1359.
AMSOIL Oil filter #SMF-109
Bike Master (Black) 314-0025
Cycle Power 314-1919
FRAM 314-6018 (PH6018)
Purolator ML16818
HiFlo Filtro HF-138
NAOA Gold 1359
ProPart Black 01-0029
Emgo Black 10-55660
Emgo Chrome 10-55670
VESRAH Sf-3007
JC Whitney Black - 06AD3165B
JC Whitney Chrome -06AD3166P
WIX 51359.
K & N Powersports Oil Filter
         Part# KN-138 for the Black
                 KN-138C for Chrome.
(The K&N has a 17mm hex nut on the end so no special oil filter wrench is required.)

Note- JC Whitney filters are said to be EMGO and EMGO are said to make Suzuki OEM filters. They look identical, with a "O" ring instead of a flat gasket surface, however, the JCW models call for changing every 1500 miles instead of the usual 3000, so take that into consideration. Also, JC Whitney part numbers change with every new catalog, so at least part of the listed item number may be different in your current catalog.

Oil Filter Wrench (68mmX14 flutes).
Vector Part# 17070C from your Suzy dealer,
Or you can order one from Dennis Kirk. Their Toll free number is 800-328-9280. Their International phone number is: 320-358-4791. Item number: 28-587 Price: $7.99

Oil Change Tips for the LC:
1.) The oil fill cap on the LC is located behind the right side rear chrome engine cover. Remove the two 4mm Allen head screws to remove the cover. Be sure that all the rubber bumpers and metal washers come off with the cover, or you'll find them later in your crankcase!
2.) The LC has what appears to be an oil drain plug near the oil filter. this plug is an oil pressure diagnostic plug and should not be used for draining oil. Use the one near the rear of the pan.
3.) Once the oil filter and plug are removed, allow the bike to drain for a half hour if time permits. This will aid in draining the trapped oil from the oil cooler.
4.) The book calls for 4.5 quarts, but don't expect to get that much in there. Always go by the upper level mark in the sight glass. Overfilling will cause oil blowby to enter the airbox.

What's the best oil to use?:
I firmly believe clean oil is good for a bike, the rest is up to the rider. :-)
If you keep clean oil in your bike, no matter what brand, it will likely tear up from something else.

"Intruder's" Hilarious Oil Change Instructions. Thanks for the laughs, my friend!



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